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Thomas Visser

Year 9 English

Thomas Visser —

The boys in 9S English were set the task of describing a mysterious character. Enjoy Thomas Visser's work below.

Dilemma Outside the Cinema

I was walking out of the movie theatre after watching the new Spider-Man movie. It was quite busy with everyone leaving but I came to a stop when I saw a rather strange looking man just outside the door standing in place like a sculpture. Everything else seemed normal but something about specifically him was… Off.

He was a tall person. He looked like he was around 190cm. He had all black clothing as if he was at a convention cosplaying as a shadow. Black pants, black shoes, black jacket, everything you could think of! He even had a black hat hiding his face! I almost walked right through him. A better way to describe it is Slenderman without a face.

He turned over to me and said a really weak “Hello” but it was almost incoherent. I slowly turned around and tried to walk away, but I just couldn’t. I wanted to get away more than anything but something wasn’t letting me. That was probably the scariest thing about it.

I then noticed everyone around me standing away from him as if they also knew something was wrong. Finally my fear took over me and I just ran. I ran as far as I could but when I stopped, I looked around and I hadn't moved a centimetre. This time I finally let out a scream but everyone started to look at me like I was a crazy person.