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Robocup Nationals Success

Aaron Nelson —

Due to COVID cancelling nationals this year, Thomas Roberts and I entered the online Robocup National competition.

Our entry this year was in the Premier Theatre. This is a three-minute performance where robots act out a story. Our story was called Wall-e’s Flower which involved the well-known robot from the Pixar movie Wall-e. The story involved four robots who undertook flower picking, high-speed chases, dancing, flying bees, swinging flowers, falling nets and great music. Throughout the performance, it was narrated by the fully animated blue puppet I made called ‘Bloom’.

It took numerous hours and weekends solely dedicated to completing our performance but in the end, it was well worth it as we won both the regional Premier Theatre and the online National competition. This is the second time I have come first in a National Robocup event and Thomas’s first. I hope to enter again next year for my final year of competing.