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A Note of Appreciation


This week the school received the following email acknowledging the behaviour of one of our senior students.

Today I was very humbled by one of your exemplary young men,  sadly I have no idea who he was.

I got off the Shiel Hill bus on Musselburgh Rise at around 3.30ish. It was my birthday and I had been very spoilt by my friends and workmates and was struggling with a couple of bags in the heat. The young man who had been walking beside me offered to help me by carrying my bags. 

I didn't have far to go so declined, but I was so impressed in the wake of what has been happening in our country this week, a young teenage boy could offer me, a total stranger assistance and then strike up a conversation. I would like to pass on my thanks. I turned into Botha Street and he carried along Tainui Road. It left me thinking what a great country we live in, he was obviously a senior at your school and I will be eternally grateful for his offer. 

I hope you may know who he is, and are able to acknowledge this amazing young man and thank him from a grateful neighbor as I am sure he lives in our neighbourhood somewhere.