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Nathan Hill, Nathan Briggs and Sean Woo

Otago Boys' Scoop Senior Prizes at Otago Science Fair!

Pru Casey —

Nathan Hill, Nathan Briggs and Sean Woo gained five prizes for their outstanding work measuring the effect of sedimentation on marine organisms in relation to dredging of the Otago Harbour. This involved the boys getting very wet and cold!

They set multiple sediment traps around the harbour over a period of over three months to record sediment build up due to dredging. They compared various sites and collected data on the prevalence of marine invertebrates discovering the profound affect on chitons an important grazer and base of the marine food web. 

Their work incorporated into a wider study and report on dredging by the Marine Science Department of the University of Otago to be - real science - real scientists! 

Congratulations boys!