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Notice to Parents from the OBHS Board

OBHS Board —

Mid-term Elections.

The OBHS Board wishes to inform the school community that it will consider adopting a Mid-term Election cycle (also known as Staggered Election) at its next meeting. Currently the Board has a triennial election cycle.

The Board meeting will take place at Otago Boys’ High School at 4pm on Tuesday 5 October 2021. All parents have the right to attend this meeting.

The OBHS Board has five Parent Representatives. Under a mid-term election cycle, three parents will be elected for the full 3-year term of office (triennial parent representatives), and two parents will be elected for 18 months (mid-term parent representatives). After 18 months a mid-term election will be held to elect two parents for a further 18-month term of office.

If you wish to attend the Board meeting on 5 October at 4pm please let us know by emailing: gillian.skilton@obhs.school.nz

At Alert Level 2 this meeting will take place at school. If we are in Alert Level 3 or 4 the meeting will take place via Zoom.

The next triennial election is set to be held in May 2022. If the Board decides to adopt the mid-term election cycle it will use this system in the May 2022 election.