Hero photograph

Well done!


Earlier this week the Rector received the following email.

Good afternoon,

I needed to email and let you know how proud and impressed I was by 3 boys from your school.

Over the weekend, the Dunedin Army cadets had a camp out at Berwick called Starlight Navigation Exercise. Basically to learn map reading the old-fashioned way with a compass and map. As I had to take my son Wade McClenaghan out, we also took a Year 9 student Jake Butler and a young man named Bogdan Bramley. Honestly, the manners were impeccable from all three, very polite and well spoken. I'm not sure if it's due to Otago Boys', the Army or parents but they were fine young men. I've never heard such manners from young boys before! 

They all pulled together and helped with loading and unloading equipment, and not one moan! From the photos and hearing the boys talk on the way home, they had the best time away and learnt a whole heap of new things. 

I just had to express how awesome those 3 boys were!

Well done boys. You have done yourself, your family and your school proud.