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Curriculum Enrichment Week

Curriculum Enrichment Week

Mark Hooper —

This week our junior boys are completing an inquiry learning process into the proposed new harbourside development along the waterfront. 

We call this week Curriculum Enrichment Week (CEW) and it is the second time in our 154 history we have tried this after the first time in July last year. It passes the entire learning process into the hands of the boys; to ask questions, seek answers and use the expertise on their terms. It is as far from the adage of "chalk and talk" as you can imagine.

Using ideas and concepts in the four compulsory subjects of Maths and Stats, Science, English and Social Studies, the Year 9 and 10 boys have been asking questions about the design, people's preferences, costings, comparing to similar projects worldwide, the planning process and many, many others.

The plan is to use the context of the proposed redevelopment into next year's CEW where field trips, 3D printing of designs, architect visits, etc... are all lined up.

Who knows, when (if!) the redevelopment goes ahead it may be that boys of Otago Boys' helped give it the nudge and encouragement from locals that projects like this require.