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Cameron McAuslan

The Last Word

Cameron McAuslan —

In 2013 I had the privilege of traveling to South Africa with the OBHS cricket team. This was an eye opening tour and we experienced the two extremes. From extreme wealth to extreme poverty, they had it all. One thing I will never forget are the slums of Johannesburg. Rubbish lined the streets while the children played football. A swarm of kids ran beside our bus on the way to the ground.

Before the game we were given a tour by a local guide. We were shown through the tin shacks they call home every night. These things are held together with whatever the locals can find in the nearby dump. The people here work for their food each night. Life is not easy. 

After being oppressed by the apartheid for nearly 50 years these people have learnt to take any opportunities that come their way. We were lead to a mans store where he had taught himself how to create art with colored sand and glue. The pictures he had created were amazing. He told us of his struggle when he was younger and how the white people maintained domination. This was a truly humbling experience for us and I will remember this man forever. 

We were then lead to the cricket ground were we played a team that the slum had put together. They all shared the same kit and wore what they had on their backs. After the match we gave them all a Volts top and boy, I’ve never seen so many pearly whites in my life. I think we ended up winning but it was irrelevant. 

Boys you might not think it but here in New Zealand we are lucky to have so many opportunities. Our country is rich in resources and a job is not that difficult to land. Take these opportunities and be grateful for all that you have. I’ll leave you with a quote, "never let the things you want make you forget the things you have."