Debating Season Underway

Maria Zammit —

Debating kicked off this week with the Seniors debating the hot topic of drugs for personal use.

OBHS fielded two teams with Luke Geddes, Liam Connolly and Michael Crosson (Team 1) debating Kavanagh College and Daniel Visser, Matthew Visser and Lachlan William (Team 2) facing off against Columba. 

Team 1 was arguing against the decriminalisation of drugs for personal use while Team 2 were on the other side of the debate. The debates were well-contested with Team 1 winning by four points and Team 2 narrowly missing out with a two point loss. 

Each Otago Boys' team fielded the highest speaker in their debate. Liam was the highest speaker in his debate while Lachlan was equal highest with a Columba speaker. 

Congratulations on a solid start to the year.