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OBHS/OGHS Production of Strictly Ballroom
Photo by Photographs courtesy of OGHS

Strictly Ballroom

James Williamson —

The 2018 production was a massive undertaking. With far more songs and dances to learn than previous years, we were hard pressed to get everything ready in time.

Going from zero dancing experience to doing complicated ballroom steps on stage, in front of a packed auditorium was nerve racking to say the least. Luckily Nick Tipa, our director was well versed in ballroom dancing. Our musical director Ben Madden also had his work cut out for him. Having to train a group of restless teens with varying singing ability and short attention spans would have been an arduous process. 

Being surrounded by a passionate group of students, we all grew very close and made a lot of new friends. Over the many weeks of practicing, the show started to take form. Come show night, everyone was able to perform their part and have immense fun doing so. Thanks to our lighting, backstage and sound crew. Our shows all ran smoothly apart from a few hiccups. 

I’m extremely proud to have been part of such a great show but sad also that this has been my final OB/OG production.