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Outdoor Ed - Rock Climbing Assessment at Long Beach

Outdoor Ed rock climbing assessment

Andrew Willmott —

Having already postponed the Rock Climbing assessment day twice, it was worrying to wake to rain.

However, another look at the forecast and a call to Tim Bartholomew, from Dunedin Adventures, saw the decision made to go ahead with it. It turned out to be a good call. In fact, very good call for some of our boys. 

Grayson Small was able to achieve what few Year 13 students have been able to do before, and secure an Excellence. This requires climbing multiple grade 20+ climbs! Other students to stand out included Eddie Wright, Finn Duncan and Jack Light who all attained Merits. Jackson Shaw, a Year 12, who missed his Wananga day last term also joined us. He was ably supported by Noah Giles to achieve a Level Two Merit. While not attempting the climbs, Guy Minty and Silvan Caderas put in big shifts belaying for their groups. 

The boys now switch their attention back to preparing for Cross-country Skiing and Snow Caving.