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Introducing our Year 10 multi-lingual writers!

Elaine Kelly —

Language is all about communication and in Year 10, boys in the French and German classes take the step from receptive processing of spoken and written language to guided production of their own language.

Through a series of topics in Year 10, the boys produce short paragraphs of written language which end up contributing to an impressive final portfolio. With this, the boys have a record of their own language development to take with them as they move into Year 11.

Boys study topics which are of interest to them such as, all kinds of media; TV, cinema, books, music, internet to writing about a holiday they went on and investigating other countries that speak the language.

The portfolios they have produced this year not only fulfill the criteria for the expected curriculum level at Year 10, but several boys are already writing at the curriculum level that would be expected at NCEA Level 1. They should be proud of their efforts.

Here is a selection of the boys’ work. Find someone you know in the list below!

Ben Crump

Flynn MacGill-Brown

Cormac De La Harpe

Hunter North

Gabe Murphy

Will Parry

Max Sutherland

Fraser Anderson

David Cole

Sam Asher

Ben Thompson

Yoash Mirisage

Jack Ussher