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Service to Sport Recognised


This week at senior assembly Nicki Patterson, the Regional Sports Director at the Otago Secondary Schools Sports Association presented Ken Rust with a Service to School Sport Award on behalf of New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports. Below is Nicky Patterson's address.

One of the roles of School Sport New Zealand is to acknowledge and recognize teachers who have selflessly contributed and made a positive difference to secondary school sport over an extensive period of time. Sport in schools rely heavily on the goodwill, passion and expertise of staff members.

I am very privileged to be here today to present a Service to School Sport Award to Ken Rust. With over 40 years of service to school sport, Ken Rust is almost overqualified for this award. It is the quality and quantity of service that stands out.

This started in Nelson in 1977 coaching cricket and rugby teams at all levels including the first XV and first XI. If that wasn’t enough, he was also the teacher in charge of rugby for four years and during that time established the rugby club at Nelson College. During this time, he also organized several overseas trips which takes a considerable amount of time.

Once at OBHS, in 1993 he became involved with cricket and hockey. He held various roles from first XI cricket coach to the manager of the first XI hockey team. He established the OBHS cricket committee in 2013 and was the delegate on the Dunedin Cricket Association for 17 years.

I think it is important to note that he was also a teacher during those years and there has not been one year that Ken did not have an involvement in sport!!

Ken has just retired from teaching at OBHS and it is wonderful that we are able to acknowledge, celebrate and thank you for this impressive dedication and commitment to school sport today.