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Snow Days - Important Notice


Please read the following notice with important information regarding impending snow days.

If snow threatens the viability of safe transport of students and teachers to and from school, especially from Dunedin’s hill suburbs or with the closure of the northern or southern motorways, a notice about a late start or cancellation of school for the day will be made over the following radio stations from 7.00am:

You may like to check out the Media Works and NZME face book pages for Snow Day Bus Services and information from schools. Or you could phone Media Works Cancellation Line on 471-7555 for a recorded message about a late start or cancellation of school for the day.

There will also be information posted on our school face book page from 7am about any snow-day cancellation or late start to the school day. A school email and text will also be sent home as early as possible.

If students are already at school when snowfalls threaten to make transport home difficult, senior management will email parents and caregivers immediately about an early finish. In this case, communication via email and face book would also be used to contact families and a message recorded on the school office phone 477 5527.


Richard Hall