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Biology's Big Day Out

Pru Casey —

A highlight of the year from the Biology Department is the annual trip to the Estuary - with a kaupapa of "Kaitiakitanga gives us kaimoana", our boys truly enacted this.

Careful surveys were made of surface features of the estuary to inform the infauna beneath the surface. The students contribute to a national database - MM2 - Marine Metre Squared - database shared with scientists and students nationwide. 

Cockles the lads collected were steamed open to eat in fresh bread sandwiches. The not-so-keen boys were treated to a good old fashioned snarler wrapped in a blanket with tomato sauce! 

Finlay Beaumont and Thomas Roberts were present as guest camera crew and created videos featuring an octopus on the go and lots of fab pics of the lads at work. We hope to win the "Field Trip of the Year" competition with Finlay and Tom's videos of our Big Day Out. But even if don't, we are the winners, having this wonderful resource to learn from, just over the hill. 

Thank you Mr Ashdown, Mr Sharp and Ms Casey for leading the day!