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Outward Bound

Rick Wellington —

Year 13 student Macleod Glaister recently returned from 21 days at Outward Bound and attended a Rotary meeting to share his experience.

If most teenagers had the thought that they would be without their personal device or even a book, it would likely send them into a sorry state. But with a seemingly never ending agenda of tramping, kayaking, running, team rowing, rock climbing, sailing, and the famous Solo night, there was no time to be bored!

Macleod described the strong bonds he made with his fellow team members who were from all around New Zealand. There were many activities, and they had turns to lead which was a great experience.

They got pushed to their limits and beyond. Forced to make decisions while experiencing the effects of fatigue. One example being a 13 hour day tramping!

He said if anyone had the chance to go, he would recommend they do anything to make that happen. He feels he is now a better person, with an even better mindset. He has more appreciation for everyone that is in his life and what his Mum and Dad do for him. He has reached out with old friends and has kept in touch with people he met on Outward Bound. 

He thanks Rotary for making this opportunity possible.