Debating Update

Maria Zammit —

Our Junior teams had the first opportunity to debate this week.

Initially, due to camps and other commitments we thought we’d be unable to field either of our two teams. Thanks to a heroic effort on the part of Hamish Morgan, Rohan O’Shea and Ethan Maw we were able to enter a team.

The debate was an interesting (and relevant!) one on vaccinating children. OBHS was against OGHS and were on the negating side. It was a hard-fought debate with only one point separating all the speakers. Rohan, our second speaker, secured the highest score for our team with Hamish and Ethan only two points behind as first and third speaker respectively. Unfortunately, the heroic effort wasn’t quite enough to get the boys over the line and they missed out on a win by the narrowest of margins – 1.5 points. 

An incredible debate and an awesome first outing for the season!