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Photo by Cameron McMillan

A Message From The Rector

Richard Hall —

I want to thank the school and parents for their vigilance and communication this week. It is important to note that in times like these, clear and accurate information is key to managing a situation.

At the moment, I have no indication from any government source, that this school, or any other is going to shut. When I know, you will know. So if you are hearing information to the contrary, it will be speculation as opposed to fact.

My intention is to communicate with you, when relevant, on what I know, so as to not heighten any sense of panic or fear. 

With sport cancelled, it gives families an opportunity to spend some time together. Bike riding, walking or going to the beach are still activities that we should be encouraging and with the long weekend we have even more of an opportunity to do these things. Being positive, especially around children is important. I have turned off the news, it is important to hear what is going on, but I find the hyperbole attached to be numbing. 

Again, thank you for the positive communication, we will endeavour to keep you in the loop.