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A Message From The Deputy Rector

Andrew Turner —

Welcome back to Term 4. I trust that all students and their families enjoyed a well-earned break and are energised for the final term of the year.

By the time you receive this edition of the ‘week that was’, senior students will only have 15 more days of school. Fifteen days to prepare for their external assessments and sign off on another year.

This time is incredibly important and should be prioritised in all students schedules. I know both staff and students are working on revising using the practice exams they completed last term. The students will be the first to admit that their practice exam results were not as good as they could have been. This has provided them with a great motivation to work hard and ensure their external results reflect what they are capable of.

Earlier this week we emailed out to senior parents a tutorial opportunity for students to use outside of school if they wish. ‘Big Think’ is an exciting local provider and are offering half price tuition in English, Math and Science so please have a look and consider this opportunity.

Andrew Turner