A Note from the School Counsellor

Ken Rust —

It is not the school's policy to promote any form of entertainment genre.

We acknowledge that in making reference to '13 Reasons Why' we could be seen to be helping publicise it on the basis that in the entertainment industry any publicity can be seen as good publicity.

However, given the challenging content and current media attention, it is important to note that;

  • '13 Reasons Why' is NOT a text studied at this school
  • it has a NZ Censor's rating of RP18
  • it contains material that will challenge viewers

Support for boys and families, should issues arise from viewing the programme, is available through the following links:

Mental Health Foundation advice

Classification Office guide for dealing with challenging media

Netflix resources specific to 13 Reasons Why

The school's Guidance Counsellor can be contacted on 474 3045 or by email at ken.rust@obhs.school.nz