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Courage Under Fire


Rabia’s visit, exclusively to Dunedin, has been organised by the Otago Medical Research Foundation with funds raised going to the Foundation’s work of establishing world-class research right here in the city.

We live in an exciting, challenging, volatile, dynamic world. 

There is so much that happens around us and to us that is beyond our control. We don’t have a choice about these things, but we have a choice about how we react to those events that we can’t control. 

Life is a choice. We can choose to be the victims of our circumstances, believing that we cannot change what seems overwhelming. Or we can choose not to be defined by that which often confounds us. We can choose to adapt, thrive, learn and lead the change that we are all capable of. 

A former war crimes and terrorism prosecutor, international humanitarian, retired British Army officer, hostage survivor and mother of triplets, Rabia’s story of courage, strength and resilience, and her commitment to truth, justice, equality and authentic leadership, defines her and sets her apart as a sincere, charismatic and remarkable individual. Having battled abuse, discrimination, chronic health problems and trauma, Rabia is more than just a survivor. She is a fighter, trail blazer, eternal optimist and thought leader. 

By sharing her unique and powerful story, as well as her truths and learnings, Rabia will do more than inspire and motivate you. She will provide you with the attitude and tools to empower you, free you from that which is holding you hostage, enable you to display the courage under fire you will at times need to become the best version of yourself, an ethical and effective leader, and an agent for change.

Rabia’s goal is simple - to engage, inspire and transform.