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Rector's Report - June 2019

Richard Hall —

In 2019 we have continued the pay it forward ethos with our Old Boy community.

Several old boys have been very generous with their time and expertise, as well as making donations towards our school projects. In our school we use the phrase hand up, not out to describe the kind of community that is thriving and supportive of all achievement. I am pleased to say that currently we have a number of old boys who are living proof of that ideal.

If I think of a hand up, not out mentality then I think of;Tom West (1991-95) and Nick Fisher (1991-95) with the Golf Day.  This connection to their old school takes many forms and is an example of our hand up, not out philosophy.  Chris Smith is a member of our Sports Council.  Peter Young (1984-89), Michael Smith (1992-96), Ryan Frew (1985-89) and Robbie Lawson (1988-82) are members of our Rugby Club and Brendan Williams (1985-89) who has recently been elected as a member of our Board of Trustees continues that idea.

For instance, old boys have: spoken in assemblies and in classrooms mentoring groups of students and they have coached and managed sports teams after school and in the weekends.

Two weeks ago, I attended a strategy session, organised by Russell Marsh (1981-85). John Blaikie (1981-85), Acting Chair of the Old Boys' Foundation was in attendance. The goal of the session was to begin re-building the strategic direction of the Foundation and  I look forward to its progression and I am hopeful there will be  some key announcements soon.

Recently the Hostel was successful in their application to the DCC for the car park improvement on Melrose Street. This project, which I hope all Hostel families will benefit from, is the first in a series of steps to improve the environment for the boys. If you are interested in supporting this development, then please contact us here at school.

This work the Foundation is undertaking is very important, its purpose as a fundraising arm of the old boys, is vital. Simply put, your school cannot survive on money provided by the government. There was nothing in the recent 'Wellbeing' budget for our school because of our decile (9) rating.  This means that we are seen as being a rich school. However the issues that we have within the walls tell a very different story. Sometime, because we make it work so well on a limited budget, we are left out of any government funding to help us maintain our high standard.

In the classrooms, on the stage and sports fields, the current pupils of our school remain very proud to be an OB's boy.