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A Message from the Deputy Rector

Andrew Turner —

‘Persistence is doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success’. This definition aptly describes the attitude students will need for the remainder of this term particularly, with Tournament week next week and Senior exams quickly looming. With over half the term already gone our school value of perseverance will surely be tested.

The recent Rio Olympics pay tribute to this. Four years of preparation for seconds, minutes or days to gain success. It’s important that all our students apply themselves and ‘persevere’ to ensure their preparation pays dividends.

This week we presented our Junior Winter Sports Awards and congratulate those students who were recipients. Each exemplified this definition of perseverance and now celebrate in success.

For our athletes who will compete at tournaments locally and nationally next week, we wish you all the best and trust your preparation will serve you well. Remember who you are and what you represent- your family, school and community. Make us proud and enjoy the opportunity.

There is for senior students, despite being over internal assessments and in some cases struggling with mental fatigue, persevere, a rich harvest of external credits still to be reaped. You don’t know how important these could be to opening the doors to your future endeavours.