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A Week at Camp with 10H

Mike McGarry —

The 10H camp set off for Mt Aspiring with a real buzz in the air.

With 28 Year 10 students, 5 senior leaders and 4 staff it was going to be a jam packed affair.

The weather was unfortunately awful on arrival with swollen fords and torrential rain. The boys and staff showed real resilience in tramping in, roping across the normally slow running creek and then emptying packs to return back to the van for food supplies. The growling of their stomachs kept them moving forwards. 

From then on, the weather improved to the point where we kayaked the next day with Mr Matehaere who ran 5 trips down the Matukituki river, a fantastic effort from him. 

We headed out for our overnight up the east branch where the boys enjoyed swimming, putting up tents and cooking out in fine weather. The next day we went up the Glacier Burn valley to witness a fantastic view and have lunch. Returned for a sleepout around the lodge which some groups extended for a third night. Next, we visited the Rob Roy valley for lunch then a swim at Wishbone Falls which is always a test of the toughest as the water is freezing. Orienteering and a swim finished off the week in bright sunshine. 

The boys were a pleasure to work with as each group did their duties with a smile on their faces, even when they wiped benches with tea towels and got tuned up. Sorry parents! 

Thanks to the great bunch of seniors for their work during the week. They controlled the water and wood supply without a glitch. Many thanks to Mrs Hope, Mr Moller and Mr Golder for an awesome week which started off as a pretty tough slog but finished in great style.