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Matthew Markham —

The Mitchell Cup competition hots up.

The boys have settled into the term well with a very positive first week and an enjoyable weekend. The competition for the Mitchell Cup was fierce on the weekend, with the boys really getting into the spirit of things. The results of the activities are as follows:


1st Thomson

2nd Campbell

3rd Nicholson

4th Hawthorne

Tug of War

1st Campbell

2nd Thomson

3rd Hawthorne

4th Nicholson

Therefore, the overall standings as of 31st July are:

1st Campbell 14

2nd Thomson 14

3rd Hawthorne 7

4th Nicholson 5

Campbell and Thomson are clearly dominating the physical challenges, but next up we have the house quiz competition on the 9th August. Hawthorne and Nicholson will need to perform if they are to catch the leaders with only Pit Cricket and Touch to go. Both these events will take place at the start of term four when the weather is a bit warmer.

The house quiz should be a fun night, with Mr McGarry as MC. The quiz is being made by an outside agency and is tailored at 13-18 year olds. We have a staff team entered, but I think that we might struggle considering what the nature of the questions might be!

On the 16th August we have our next international themed formal dinner, Thai. The Thai boys in the house are already chatting about what we can do and many of the boys are really looking forward to having some Thai food, which is quite popular in the hostel and with staff!

Conversation has started in School House about the end of term ski trip to Queenstown. We have a good number of boys already signed up and remember that it is open to parents as well, so if you would like to join us please let me know.  

Have a great week. 

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