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A Message From the Rector

Richard Hall —

Industry. Like perseverance, industry is an important criteria for a healthy man. Those who are industrious are not, in my mind, tied to drudgery, rather they are freed by the commitment to the task. Industrious people are generally very successful, and in my experience, also happier. They understand the value of a 24 hour day and the time that they put in allows them the freedom to truly relax when the task is complete.

This week I have seen the effort in the classroom and at home paying off for students. I know that Mr Hooper is about to send out another round of excellence letters and he has seen an increase in the number of students achieving them. Industry has its rewards.

As I write this, I have just watched Hamish Bond, an old boy win his second gold with Eric Murray in rowing.

As winter sports teams begin their wind up, I wish to publicly acknowledge those parents who help to make these teams run. Simply, we cannot do it without you - your willingness to help our school and to stay connected to your son is very much appreciated.