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10T - Mt Aspiring March 2019

A Week at Mt Aspiring With 10T

Sam Gavin —

We woke up early Friday morning to the sounds of the city coming to life.

On the way up to Central we stopped off at Wanaka, and as we stepped off the bus the crisp fresh air filled our lungs as we took a breath in.  We climbed back onto the bus, and we said goodbye to civilisation for the next week. As we walked into the valley, we could see the mountains and the Matukituki Valley lying before us. 

We picked our gear up from the van and began the walk up to the Lodge. After the long fun filled days of dam building in the creek, kayaking in the river and walking up to Wishbone Falls, the Lodge was always a welcoming and comfortable place to return to. With 25 hungry boys and staff to feed there were always plenty of spuds to peel and onions to chop. A very important job at the Lodge is to keep the donkey burning so that there is plenty of hot water for everyone. 

One of the really enjoyable times at camp was the overnight camp. Some of the things that made it memorable was trying to light our camp fire, so we had something to eat and getting millions of sand-flies bites in the process. Another enjoyable thing on the overnight was when we sat around with the Year 13's and exchanged horror stories and roasted marshmallows. 

As we prepared to leave the camp, we were all sad to go but excited to be going home to have nice long showers, and to catch up on some much-needed sleep, and to have some of Mum’s home cooking.