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Lodge working bee - October 2022

Lodge working bee

Richard Roe —

A team of volunteers headed up to the Lodge the first weekend of the holidays to get a few tasks done before the term 4 camps begin.

The big job was the trenching and pipework to connect up our new 30,000L water storage tank, plus clearing up all the branches down from trees due to the heavy snowfall over the winter months.

Surprisingly, it had initially been very difficult to attract volunteers to dig 40 metres of trench through rocky ground, until the very kind offer of some man-power and a 1.7t digger was made by Adams Plumbing. There were a few interesting moments getting the trailer with the digger on across the river and up to the Lodge on the Friday night, but once over that hurdle they managed to get all the plumbing work done the next day. By Sunday morning the new tank was full and operational. It will be incredibly valuable for future camps when our water supply is interrupted by a flooded creek.

The task of cleaning up the fallen branches will be an ongoing activity. I have never seen so much tree damage following the winter snowfalls. We will certainly be well supplied for firewood over the next couple of seasons.

A massive thank you must go to the volunteer team; staff members Mr Willmott, Mr Dadley, Mr Scott, old boy and friend of the school Neil, and particularly to Adams Plumbing (Michael, Lance and the digger) and Reece Plumbing Supplies (providing the pipe, connectors and fittings).