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Excellence and Leadership Recognised


This week's senior assembly was focused on recognising academic excellence and awarding badges and ties to the 2020 Prefects.

This year's Prefects are ably led by Angus Henderson, Head Boy; Peter Crosson, Deputy Head Boy and Mitchell Duncan, Head of School House. These young men are involved in all aspects of school life and lead by example for others to follow.

2020 Prefects:
Elliott Alloo, Samuel Chadwick, Liam Connolly, Oliver Haig, Leo Holt, Bob Lee, Cameron Moffitt, Matthew Pyper, Noah Rooney, Michael Ruske and Walter Savage.

Academic Blues:

Level 2
Elliott Alloo, Liam Connolly, Peter Crosson, Cameron Elliott, Joshua Friend, Thomas Grayson, Angus Henderson, Leo Holt, Isaac Lee, Cameron McMillan, Dominic McPhee, William Murrell, Arden O'Donnell, Freddie Pankhurst, Matthew Pyper, Michael Ruske, Tamatea Schweikert and James Seo.

Level 1
Jake Burgess, Jonathan Burnside, Benjamin Burrow, Blaine Butler, Benjamin Caulfield, Xavier Chisholm, Reuben Cook, Michael Crosson, Tristan Escueta, Brayden Foote, Luke Geddes, Macleod Glaister, Thomas Hamilton, George Higham, Finn Hurley, Boudewijn Keenan, Liam Kerr, Matthew MacDonald, Jack Malcolm, Luka Mandich, Moss Pelvin, Joshua Reeves, Jak Stevenson, Mohammad Taha, Raaid Taha, Angus Taylor, Cody Thomson, William Turner, Richard Wang, Sebastian Whiston, Lachlan Williams, Alexander Wilson and Winnie Zeng.