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Matthew Chiles

Year 9 perseverance in languages

Elaine Kelly —

I am delighted to share with you the written work by the Year 9 French and German classes.

These boys only started learning Languages 4 weeks ago and already they should be very proud of what they have achieved.

Learning a new language can be difficult but these boys have absolutely displayed this term's value by persevering. In the Languages Department, we recognise perseverance in the boys by those who:

  • keep listening to all the French/German in class even though it can be tiring tuning in all the time

  • don't give up, even though they may find the work hard

  • try to make breakthroughs in their learning and get to the next level, one step at a time

It is also important for the boys to remind themselves that they spoke NO French or German a few weeks ago, so they should be proud of their ability now.

The approach we take in the Languages Department, rests firmly on teaching the boys chunks of language and giving them the tools to piece them together into coherent spoken sentences and written paragraphs. We believe that this approach not only allows learners to advance more quickly but it means they develop a willingness to try speaking the language, which, after all, is the most important thing!

In the boys' work, they have efficiently used conjunctions, qualifiers, adverbial expressions of time, and opinions to enhance their work.

I am extremely proud of them!