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A Message From The Rector

Richard Hall —

Examination season is in full swing. The seniors are approaching the halfway mark and juniors are about to be examined on Monday and Tuesday next week.

I was asked a very relevant question by a parent today, "What is the reason for exams?"

For me, as someone who was never very strong in examinations, they remain a 'pure' test of knowledge. Yes, it may be harder to link a sit down, three standard, three hour paper to the 'real world', but I think that is not the point.

In an exam you are asked to recall, to explain or describe and to justify. These are skills that we need our young people to have. For if they are going to be reflective, if they are going to be critical thinkers, then we need to provide a concentrated high stakes opportunity. You won't always get 6 weeks to shape an answer as you may with an internal.

Exams also test a young man's courage. Can he front, can he put his hand up and say, "I am ready and I am willing." Or will he hide away. Exams can be daunting, they were at times for me, but they can also be a challenge to be embraced. They are something that can give a young person focus and for us to say, "We think you are ready for this!"

A reminder to those parents of junior boys, there are study tips available throughout our website. I recommend you use them. 

Enjoy the weekend.