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Biological Sciences Ecology Opportunity

Pru Casey —

Study Biology in the rainforests and on the coral reefs of Australia.

Come with us to explore the ecology and diversity of life on coral reefs at Cape Tribulation in Cairns. Visit some of the oldest rainforests in the world at Daintree World Heritage Park! 

Plans for this trip are well underway with 14 senior students signed up. This is now opened up for junior students to travel with the group next year. A presentation will be made in junior assembly this coming week with a follow up parent meeting the week after.

This trip is planned for the October holidays 2021. You can find out the details at: https://hakaeducationaltours.com/obhs-biology-tour/

Those interested can contact Ms Casey, Teacher in Charge of Biology, at school in the Science lab Room114 or email pru.casey@obhs.school.nz