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A Message From The Rector

Richard Hall —

Coronavirus continues to dominate the media and importantly a number of our decisions here in the school.

As you know the best protection for us, is for every boy to practice good hygiene practices. We have spoken about this in classrooms and assemblies.

Can you please reinforce that at home.

The virus will affect a member of our school at some stage. I want to assure parents that we believe we have done as much as possible to prevent it getting here, but we are very likely, like the rest of New Zealand to be exposed. The key for us will also be to remain calm and to seek the best possible advice. 

We have asked parents to keep us in touch with their holiday plans, and I thank those that have responded. Please continue to keep us updated. Our responsibility is to the whole community. Through communication we will all be safer.

On better news, our $1.4m boiler project is very near completion; soon we will have heating across the school from a modern, fuel efficient and sustainable fuel source. How do I know we are close?  As I write to you they are testing and refilling the water in the radiators in my office. It sounds like I am working in a public toilet! But that's an analogy that I will take no further...

Have a great weekend, talk to your boy, he's a good kid.