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Lodge Memorabilia For Sale by Tender

Richard Roe —

A once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain your own little piece of OBHS Lodge memorabilia. Indulge your inner designer or steampunk fantasy.

Four items available, offers can be made to richard.roe@obhs.school.nz. Tenders close 5pm Friday 10th December.

LOT 1:

Corrugated style copper hot water cylinder, diameter 560mm, height 930mm.

With a bit of imaginative flair and steady hand with a grinder, suitable for planter, firewood basket, lightshade, hand basin, pet basket, liquor still, etc.

LOT 2:

Corrugated style copper hot water cylinder, diameter 420mm, height 850mm.

Suitable for slightly smaller versions of all of the above.

LOT 3:

Plumber’s masterpiece, created by the late Murray Oben for splitting cold and hot water pipes from the main water supply, includes a small filter cylinder which could be considered a rare time capsule of 46 years accumulated Matukituki silt. Ideal for the closet steampunk enthusiast, or could make a unique watering can or mantelpiece conversation starter.

Dimensions: total width 400mm, height of cylinder 330mm.

LOT 4:

The infamous donkey. Too heavy to move any further than the end of the Lodge balcony, which would mean collection as-is-where-is. Future uses could include garden ornament, container ship anchor, letterbox (guaranteed impervious to drive-by baseball bat attacks), or advanced weight training accessory.

Save these relics from the scrap metal yard! All proceeds channelled directly back into improving camp facilities for future students. 

Thank you for your support.