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Old Boy Speaks At Pasifika Homework Club

Enoka Taufua —

Old boy, Lloyd Maole, was a special guest speaker at the Pasifika homework club.

Mr Maole gave an account of his time at OBHS and life out in the real world. From doing the milk run at age 8 to working at a bakery during high school, he spoke about how he progressed through jobs and finding himself through the opportunities he was given at school and the chances he took at Polytech and University. A big theme of his presentation was the importance of being a 'good man'. Mr Maole is now a consultant, working with CEO's of companies around New Zealand and the world.

Mr  Maole returned to the Pasifika Homework Club and  gave a practical lesson on the importance of effective communication and team work at our Homework Club.  Students were challenged in a number of activities with the emphasis on these important life skills. Mr Maole has given his own time, since the start of Term two, to run workshops for our young men.

We would like to thank Mr Maole for his time and for his uplifting words, for his commitment and giving of his time so freely.