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Knockout Competition

Jens Moller —

Every week at lunch time Tuesdays, Music Club meets in Room 119 to talk about everything and anything audible.

This week was a little different. Instead of talking about specific albums and writing a review of them we have decided to get the whole school involved in a song competition. Inspired by the recent Euro Football tournament we have decided to make a tournament to find the “best” song of the 2010-2019 decade! Each week a form will be emailed to the whole school so they can vote on the matchups, with the song receiving the most votes moving on to the next round and the losing song is knocked out.

An updated bracket will be kept in the library and emailed out each week along with the voting forms. Each student only gets one vote per match, so if you desperately want your favourite song to make it through you might have to get your friends on board with why it deserves to win.

We have picked 64 songs, that are loosely based on the cumulative reading of several “best songs of the 2010’s” lists that already exist. It was a bit of a discussion with some songs getting a lot of hatred from some members, while others were deemed a little too explicit to be featured by the Music Club. Every vote will enter the student into the draw to win a canteen voucher, drawn at the end of the competition which should last until the end of this term.

Stay tuned for more reviews and updates on the competition in the future. Remember - this is all subjective - there is no such thing as a cool taste in music - and you are welcome to agree, disagree, or request albums via email (jens.moller@obhs.school.nz).