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Parking - if your son drives to school, you need to read this.

Richard Hall —

Arthur Street School has begun a two year rebuild. Their site has severely restricted access and parking on Queens Drive is now restricted.

Parking has always been an issue around our school. This is most evident with staff having to park inside our grounds. Now that Arthur Street School has begun their rebuild, it is getting worse.

Queens Drive, the upper part close to Rattray Street is now a drop off zone for Arthur Street school. There is limited parking available in this area and much of it is being used by Arthur Street staff and parents as they have lost their carpark and drop off area on Arthur Street. 

So, parking space is now even more limited. 

Today I patrolled this area and in the main, our boys were very good, but they do leave their cars, all day, in what is clearly marked a 10 minute zone. When quizzed, one honest chap even said, "the fine is only $12." Probably cheap if you are parking in Auckland, but not something I think most parents would agree with.

I am trying to work with the Traffic Safety Team at the Dunedin City Council on better options but there is no quick fix. We cannot create parks where they have been removed.

If your son has to drive to school, I suggest he looks for parks around York Place etc. Again, it will be tricky. Is it possible that he goes back to using the bus or walks to school?

What we are trying to do, is to be mindful of the smaller Arthur Street students who need to be dropped off, and avoid conflict with parents. 

I appreciate any effort you can make to help. This is something we will need to work with.