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10 Art - Trip to the Art Gallery

Cole Gibbons —

Year 10 Art students were privileged to go to the Art Gallery on Tuesday the 26th of March. It was a small class of 8 students due to camp and illness.

John Neumegen, the educator began by introducing us to different techniques of painting eg. brush strokes, thickness/depth and colour variety. We travelled through a painting timeline, where we learnt about the difference between Japanese and European Art which was around at the end of the 1800s. 

Soon after we ventured out of John's famous art room. Our first piece of art we created was developing art between cool and warm colours, even though we used the same colours and were shown the same example by John, we all had different outcomes. We then moved on to painting some hills/mountains and sky with three colours, blue, white and a goldy brown colour. It was really interesting and cool to see the differences between each student and what a hill/mountain was in their mind. 

After we all completed our painting, we added an ink tree which added a frame effect to our hills, which John referred to while we were looking at art earlier in the trip. Overall it was an amazing trip and we all learned at least one thing from the trip. I for sure learnt lots of tips which made it a worthwhile trip.

By Cole Gibbons