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2018 Term 2 Students of the Term

Term 2 Students of the Term


At assembly this week the Students of the Term for Term 2 were announced. Congratulations to the following recipients.

Year 9 - Charlie Mathias
Charlie is an honourable young man who behaves like we would expect an OB's student to - with humour and empathy for his peers. Charlie isn't a sheep and he has a moral compass of what is right and wrong. Charlie perseveres. School work does not come naturally to him, however, hard work does. He never gives up and everything gets his best efforts.

Year 10 - Daniel Visser
Daniel is a clear embodiment of what perseverance means at OB's. In class hard work comes naturally to Daniel who strives to be both positive and organsied across all of his classes. Daniel also has the courage to be himself while maintaining the respect of his peers.

Year 11 - Jacob Barnes
Jacob is a keen student who is eager to achieve across all of his subjects. Jacob strives to understand and he never gives up, always displaying the best version of himself. Jacob is an OB's middle boy with a top attitude toward learning.

Year 12 - Morry Moriyama
Morry is a well-rounded student who applies himself incredibly well in class, consistently striving towards Excellence. Morry perseveres by seeking help in his own time, yet is very unassuming about his extra efforts to find success. Morry is a leader within the international student community. He quietly supports his peers and is a positive role model who personifies leadership, care and responsibility.

Year 13 - Leo Venn
Leo is an outstanding student who strives to achieve well across all of his subjects this year. He is an empathetic and positive young man who takes the time to help his peers be better in class. Leo's real strength lies in his steady approach to finding success; he is quietly motivated and works hard as he marches towards Excellence.