by Harry Smith

Old Boys' Society President's Report

The third school term has been a quiet one for the Old Boys Society with nothing official on the agenda other than an informal luncheon get together prior to a closely fought 1st XV South Island final for a spot in the National Top Four tournament.  Unfortunately, Nelson College pipped our boys in a tense 28-26 win.

Although a huge disappointment for our boys, life goes on and I can report that good things continue to happen at our fine old school - the culture, the friendships, the learning, the opportunities, and the leadership.

I can only urge you to keep in touch and reach out to other Old Boys you know who may not be connected to us. Of the 17,000 living alumni we have contact details for around half that number.

If you read this we have your contact details. If you are also a Facebook user log in to OBHS, if not already. If you have class group addresses that you keep in touch with can you let us know so that we can check that their details are correct in the database.

An active Old Boys’ Society is important to the wellbeing of our school. Current pupils will benefit from the time, charity and expertise that can be offered by those that have gone before them. This where the value lies in remaining engaged with your old school.

If nothing else visit the OBHS website and have a read of the Foundation news and the school newsletters to see what has been happening both inside & outside the school gates by both young and old. You will be astounded by the talent.

If you are local to Dunedin please mark your calendar for the 22 November so that you can attend what is now our annual Old Boys luncheon hosted by Danny Chin at the Savoy. Our confirmed speaker is Steve Anderson CEO of Foodstuffs South Island Ltd; and attended  OBHS from 1974-78. Steve proved an entertaining and insightful speaker when he spoke at a school assembly earlier this year. We will look forward to your attendance at this social gathering.

To conclude this report it is with sadness that in early August we observed the passing of Frank Alexander, a past President (1999-2001) of the Old Boys’ Society. Frank was a well-respected local businessman and a civil leader in his own right. Our school owes a large debt of gratitude to the Alexander family, as son Brent followed in his father’s footsteps being the immediate past president of our Society. In recognition of Frank’s contribution and service to our school, it was fitting that the flag on the tower block flew at half-mast on the day of his funeral. Brent, our sincerest condolences to you and your family.

Geoff Bates
OBHS Old Boys' President