by Tony Gabbusch

Recently the Board of Trustees (including 4 old boys) met to complete a key visioning exercise for Otago Boys'.

This group is tasked with the governance of your school. Their role is very specific, to chart the current and future direction of the school. In this way the Foundations mission is similar.

Of particular tension in my time here has been the difference or specific roles of the Foundation and Old Boys’ Society. It would be, I think, fair to say that both organisations have been inactive recently and have been looking for a direction. I think this new vision for our school fits perfectly with the ideals of both the Foundation and Society. This is that new direction.

So in 2017 we are calling for a renewal of energy. The Foundation Board Members Greg Easton (Chair), Geoff Bates, Paul Twemlow, Brent Nicholson, Brent Alexander, Geoff Davies and I are very keen to seek innovative ways to source new funds for the Foundation. I believe that it has to be one of the core roles of the committee as we do not have (nor do we pay) a dedicated person to run this for us.

It may surprise members to know that there is currently very little coming into the Foundation in the way of donations and that many who have pledged amounts have stopped payment.

These people will no doubt have their reasons, much of which is tied up in a history before my time. Now we have an opportunity to move forward. I cannot change the past, neither will we repeat the mistakes of the past, but we will move forward and seek ways to grow the capital fund.

As I have stated previously in Foundation meetings and newsletters the Foundation is vital to our school if we are to go ahead. As a state school the funding model is such that we cannot hope to compete if we stay still.

So I thank you as Foundation members for your contributions. We have several key projects in the pipleline, around the Hostel, the Shand and the Lodge. As well as the development of a fund to aid the academic achievement of our students. I hope that this newsletter will stimulate some thought and you will be encouraged that the Foundation has a clear mission and purpose; that of supporting Otago Boys’ High School.

OBHS Vision

Our boys become confident, resilient men with a sense of purpose - prepared to explore, and contribute to, a changing world.

Arumia ngā tapuwae o Tamatea

(Pursue the footsteps of Tamatea)

OBHS Mission

Providing a dynamic, diverse learning environment that is ‘Best for Boys’ through tradition, innovation, culture and excellence.

OBHS Values

Creating men of oak through: Perseverance, Excellence, Courage, Honour, and Respect.

How does the Foundation and the Old Boys’ Society Connect.

OBHS Foundation

  • A stand alone committee that supports the charitable trust status.  
  • The bank account funded by old boys which will be used for 'big projects' such as the Hostel redevelopment, Shand and the Lodge
  • The profile of the Foundation is the Big projects.

OBHS Old Boys' Society

  • The clear purpose is to be the social arm, for networking and connecting old boys from the school and to the school.
  • The face of the brotherhood
  • This group will have its own identity
  • It will be the group that sends out electronic publications (email, facebook etc).
  • Will have a committee that stands alone and is NOT connected to the Foundation.