2019 Prefects and 2018 Scholarship AssemblyOBHS 2019 Prefects

Excellence and Leadership Recognised

This week's senior assembly was focused on recognising the 2018 scholarship winners and awarding badges and ties to the 2019 Prefects.

The Rector's address focused on using your time wisely and effectively, rather than wasting time and opportunities. The scholarship recipients are fine examples of how to use your time in order to gain academic success. Last year's Dux, Hayden McAlister achieved 6 scholarship's - one of them being an outstanding scholarship in Geography.

This year's Prefects are ably led by Charlie Marsh, Head Boy; Colby Allen, Deputy Head Boy and Jackson Toms, Head of School House. These young men are involved in all aspects of school life and lead by example for others to follow.

2019 Prefects

Jack Divers, Jared Dixon, Jack Fisher, Lucas Govaerts, Oliver Griffin, Angus Hewett, Samuel Hewson, Matthew Kinley, Ben Mason, Tyler Summers, Nicholas Taggart, Samuel Thompson.

2018 Scholarship Winners

Samuel Adler (Calculus, Physics and Statistics), Colby Allen (History), Abhinath Berry (English, Music and Physics), Tim Dippie (Statistics), Louis Harris (Statistics), Samuel Hewson (History), Nathan Hill (Biology, Painting and Statistics), Zac Holt (History), Hayden McAlister (Calculus, Chemistry, Geography - outstanding, History, Physics and Statistics), Samuel Thompson (Calculus), Sean Woo (Biology and Statistics). 

2019 International Student Leaders

Morry Moriyama and Kehan Jiang