by Jaafer Almahary

Mason Brothers Scholarship Recipient 2014 

I still remember how happy I was heading back home prizegiving night after receiving the Mason Brothers Scholarship.  

This scholarship is more than just financial support, it provides me with psychological support similar to that provided by my parents and friends where I know someone is behind me helping me achieve my goals. This support from the Otago Boys' High School Foundation gives me the extra motivation to succeed during my studies at university.

I am currently in my second year at university and I am studying towards a Civil and Environmental Engineering degree.  I have averaged a GPA of 8.86 across all engineering related courses in my first year.  I was therefore listed in the Dean's Honours List which recgonises students who have demonstrated excellence in academic performance by being in the top 5% of their year study.  I am hoping to graduate by 2018 and finish my postgraduate study here in Auckland.  On the co curricular side, I am an active member of two humanitarian non profitable organisations, Amnesty International and ICARE.  My main duty is to work within teams and help organise campaigns in New Zealand that aim at fundraising and spreading awareness.

I would like to thank the donor and Foundation for their generosity and support.  I hope one day I will be able to help students and other members of the community achieve their goals just as the Foundation is helping me achieve mine.

Jaafer Almahary