by Dunedin Community Learning Centre

OBHS Old Boys take on the Kepler Challenge

In two weeks there awaits supreme hard yakka for OBHS Old Boys Wade McClelland (05-09) and Brendon McIntosh (03-07) when they attempt to grind out a 60km ultra marathon spanning across Fiordland mountains. Neither of them are athletes but they're doing this to raise money for what we believe is an extremely great cause and would highly rate some support. 

On the 3rd of December 2016 Brendon and Wade will be enduring the most physically and mentally tough day of their lives as they take on the unforgiving 60km mountain race that is the Kepler Challenge. They're doing this in order to raise as much money as possible for a local community centre based in Dunedin that's in desperate need of help.

The Dunedin Community Learning Centre began in 1993 as a class for adult students with intellectual disabilities. However for the last 3 years the learning centre has no longer received government funding and will have to close its doors if funding cannot be found. We visited the center and witnessed the amazing services provided to people with an intellectual disability that will enable them to gain skills that foster their well being, happiness, independence, acceptance and contribution to society. Closing the centre means 20 vulnerable people will be left without a place to go during the day.

For a couple a nonathletic, long distance running wannabes, this will be a monumental challenge and so we really hope to get as many people on board with us to try to raise a few bob that will help keep Dunedin learning Center ticking along. The training has already begun with countless hours of hill runs, mountain treks and gym time all helping the lads work towards the fitness needed to participate in such a race. So please join us on this journey as we prepare to take on our first Ultra marathon, every little bit counts and spurs us on to get the job done ! Thanks heaps in advanced and we look forward to sharing our experience with you all.

There are few principles that reflect the inherent integrity of a society more than equal opportunity. The belief that all people are equally entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental cornerstone of ‘community’. It should not be neglected, and with your generous donations, together we can stop this cornerstone of our community from having to close its doors.

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