by Ben Reeves

An update from New York City

I am now in my third month in New York City and I'm loving it. Thanks to the Old Boys' I have been able to start my academic career at St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn.

I arrived in New York on the 21st of August and soon after started school. Basketball season has started and I love the team and my coaches.  We are going on many trips this year including trips to upstate New York, Atlanta, and Jersey City.  I am in the honors program here and it's very challenging but very rewarding. In the program, I have made many friends who I spend a lot of my time with.

Studying here is great, juggling basketball, school, work, and social life has proven to be difficult but it's all worth it. While I have been busy,  I have still made time to help some of the kids I came and talked to at a Year 13 assembly before I left for NYC. I have been working with some OBHS students helping them find opportunities like mine to study in the US.

Whilst being here,  I have done many activities in the city and experienced much of what New York is all about. One of the biggest and most enjoyable experiences was being able to tour the NBA's Brooklyn Nets facility as the General Manager of the team is a Kiwi himself. I toured the facility, meet a few of the players and was given a Brooklyn Nets T-shirt and Cap from the equipment room.

Living here is amazing and I'm so happy I am able to experience such a beautiful and vibrant city with a big help from the Old Boys'.

Ben Reeves.