Old Boy Hugh McLeod-Jones Challenges Speed-Eating-Porridge Champ!

Many OB's students and staff members begin their day with a bowl of hot Harraways porridge through our Student Council sponsored 'Breakfast with your Brothers' scheme. So it was no surprise to see an OB's boy step up to the challenge at the annual Harraways Speed-Eating-Porridge Competition.

Part of the St Andrew's Day celebrations on Sunday in the Octagon, contestants had to eat a bowl of cold porridge (150g of oats in a pint of water) using a spoon. Old Boy Hugh McLeod-Jones came along to challenge the three-time-winner Mr Gould, but having just eaten a burger, Hugh was one second short from victory, with a time of 1 min 11 secs, compared to the winning 1 min 10 secs. He promised to be back for the challenge next year and, to not eat a burger before it! Great stuff Hugh.