Mr Mu, Principal of Guanming High School, Mr Malcolm Wong (OBHS old boy) and Mr Richard Hall, Rector, Otago Boys' High School

Rectors Message From China

Currently, I am in Shanghai. I have been part of the Mayoral visit to this city as part of the Lan Yuan gardens exhibition here.

I have also taken the opportunity to sign a sister school agreement with Guangming High School  in Shanghai.

We currently have 4 Guangming students in our school and it was a real treat to meet with their parents yesterday. They are very happy with the education their sons are receiving at our school.

The role of international education is very important as it opens an opportunity for us to see the world through different eyes.

I sometimes think that our kiwi boys do not see the opportunity in front of them until it is too late. By that I mean, they need to pay more attention to these students, especially as they could be making connections that may lead to special opportunities in the future.

China is, as we know, a very well populated country. I have been impressed by the polite and well mannered locals who have been nothing but fantastic.

In China and other nations, Otago Boys’ High School has a real chance to become more global, and I for one, think this is a very exciting possibility.