We would like to acknowledge the recent passing of the following Old Boys' of the school. We will remember them.

Russell W Devlin (1939-40) died 18th September in Dunedin aged 92 years.

Nialle M Allcock (1950-53) died 18th September in Auckland.

Richard P Snell (1942-46) died 28th September in Australia, aged 89 years.

John G Rennie (1939-43) died 7 October in Blenheim, aged 92 years.

David G Graveson (1945-46) died 27 July.

Christopher Matahaere (1995-2002), died 28 October, aged 34 years

Colin D Anderson (1959-1963) died 5 November in Upper Hutt, aged 73 years

Peter H Vollweiler (1943-46) died 13 November in Dunedin, aged 89 years

Ronald B Hamilton (1955) died 18 November, aged 78 years

David Watts (1946-47) died 18 November in Dunedin, aged 85 years

Robin D Adams (1952-53) died 11 December in Christchurch.