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Our Grantees - Mana Rangatahi App: Officially Live

Otago Community Trust —

Mana Rangatahi is a youth tribe and leadership waka for people from all ethnicities and backgrounds aged between 18-24 years of age. Developed by Heidi Renata, Co-founder and CEO of INNOV8HQ, Mana Rangatahi is based on frameworks adapted from Mātauranga Māori.

Otago Community Trust approved a $300,000 grant to support the youth entrepreneurship programme Mana Rangatahi late last year and Chief Executive, Barbara Bridger and Community Engagement Advisor, Liz Harburg were delighted to be at the official launch of the programmes new app live from Tokomairiro High School in late March. 

The 12-week Mana Rangatahi programme is based on applying matauranga Māori principles, critical thinking and resilience-based activities for the modern work environment for youth living in Dunedin.

Developed in January 2020 the funding for the programme was initially provided by the Ministry of Youth Development via Start-up Dunedin. Further trials of the programme have produced exceptional results with more than 75% of graduates progressing to full time, entrepreneurial or part time employment. 

The grant awarded from Otago Community Trust came at a perfect time, as INNOV8HQ were establishing new partnerships and continuing to explore the ongoing delivery of the Mana Rangatahi programme in innovative new ways. 

"Otago Community Trust trustees were particularly impressed with the success of the Mana Rangatahi programme and its aim of  teaching young people the ways of doing business in a simple format that was easy to understand."

The programme has now been launched on a mobile phone app to broaden its reach. Heidi Renata wrote the app’s content and her brother Steven Renata’s media production business 'Kiwa Digital' developed it.

The app is on both Apple and Android platforms. We would encourage those working with rangatahi around Otago to check it out. 

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