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Creative New Zealand - Emergency Response Package

Creative New Zealand —

Creative New Zealand is actively monitoring how they can support the arts sector through COVID-19. They have just released further information on their $16M Emergency Response Package.

The first phase has two components:

1. Resilience Grants for eligible artists, arts practitioners, arts groups and arts organisations (non-investment clients) to help them recover, maintain and develop their practice in a completely changed environment. There are two opportunities:

a) Arts Continuity Grant – supports short-term arts projects by artists and arts organisations (including groups and collectives) that can be delivered within a changed and evolving environment as a result of COVID-19.

b) Emergency Relief Grant – provides temporary relief for independent artists and arts practitioners, who may be part of arts organisations (including groups and collectives), and who meet our eligibility criteria.

2. Short-term Relief for Investment Clients for existing investment clients and on top of existing funding, with priority given to those materially negatively impacted by COVID-19, to help them stabilise their businesses and remain viable.

Further information can be found on the Creative New Zealand website - https://www.creativenz.govt.nz/